Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A couple goings-on. First of all, as always thanks for all of the great feedback through emails and such.

Secondly I added some more screens to the bucket, but an eagle-eyed viewer notified me that sometimes it was just looping the same 3 screens over and over again. So far the best way I've found to display screens on here is through a Photobucket RSS feed using Blogger's slideshow gadget, but I think I need a better way. If anyone has a better idea please comment on this post. I'd like to avoid linking to the Photobucket album, because I want to keep it within this site as much as possible.

Thirdly, due to a couple of requests to clarify my complaints about Gwathnor, I've added a second screen of him, closer up now. You can certainly now see why I called him an alien/andriod, and you can see the weird portal in back of him a lot better now. Thanks to the brave guardian that was unknowingly helping me get this shot ;).

Finally, bloggers beware of gold sellers spamming your blogs with comments, a very persistent one commented twice on my most recent ones and once on all the others. Check your comments!


  1. Do you use a premium photobucket account to get your screens that large? I'm just wonder because I dump all my stuff on photobucket but it makes them smaller. Perhaps I'm just not using the proper settings.

    Second, I seem to have missed where the closer up screenshot of Gwathnor is located...


  2. I put the second screenshot in the original Gwathnor rant, a little ways down to space it out.

    And no i dont have a premium account. I always have it set to "resize to 1mb", but since the maximum size my screens ever are are like 700kb it's no problem.

  3. Thanks. I'll have to take a look at the options in photobucket again. Looks like I might be re-upping all my screenshots. That'll take all morning. Hehe.

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