Sunday, March 8, 2009

A New Low

Sorry if this is you, but I had to put this up.

OOC Hey, somebody help. I am new and my quest arrow says that whatever they want me to do, is this way, but there is a mountain in front of me that I can't climb.

ADVICE You have to go around the mountain. The mob is on the other side, in a cave. Also, you may get more help if you ask in /advice instead of OOC

OOC thx

10 minutes later...

OOC I went around the mountain, but I don't see whatever the named thing I am looking for. My quest arrow is still pointing at the mountain.

ADVICE See that little glowy thing on the side of the mountain, you have to go in there to kill what you are looking for. Also, there are a lot of friendly people on the /advice channel that you could ask.

OOC Ok, thx.

5 minutes later.

OOC Hey, why did you let me go in there. The goblin was 4 levels higher than me, and said something about signature. Wtf that means.

/ADVICE What level are you and the what level is the quest?

/OOC I am level 9. How do I tell what level the quest is?

/ADVICE The name of the quest had a color to it. That ranks what it relates to your level. Also you can look in your quest-log

/OOC What color, I just hit accept, and this arrow popped up showing me where to go. How do I see my quest-log?

/ADVICE Hit you L button and it will pop up.

/OOC Ok, I see now. it is level 14, and I am 9. That is dumb. Why would they give me a quest 5 levels higher than me. I am just going to go after one of my other arrows.

2 minutes pass.
OOC Ok guys, I have an arrow on my map that says Bree, but I don't have a quest to kill a Bree.

Going off the Quest Guide thing, I thought this was an interesting look into the psyche of some of our fellow LotRO players.


  1. Thank goodness this isn't typical of a vast majority of players. The person clearly doesn't understand the basic mechanics of the game - furthermore, the basic mechanics of interacting with a 3D environment (going around the mountain). It seems that whomever this is, they've not played many games, much less MMOs. I wonder what attracted them to this game, considering they obviously don't know the lore (kill a Bree). Mildly amusing, but I kinda feel sorry for this player after a fashion. And kudos to the person giving advice for being both patient and pleasant. It's a testament to the maturity level of the community that this player did not get "STUFU Nub!!11"

  2. "OOC Ok guys, I have an arrow on my map that says Bree, but I don't have a quest to kill a Bree."

    You're joking. Tell me it ain't so. Actually, if you are joking and this is an invented quote, it's pretty damn good. If it's kosher, it's miles better than anything I've ever come across...

  3. Haha, man. I feel a little bad laughing, but it is amusing.

    Damn those Brees!