Friday, March 13, 2009

Book 7 Patch Notes Review

As I said before, I was going to compare the two versions of the patch notes to see what changed during testing. Here's what I found:
Added under DPS and Mob Difficulty:
  • Boss monsters in Moria are now immune to slows.
  • Based on player feedback we've rearranged the level spacing between our four gradients of weapons, enabling our highest tier of weapons to gain a larger slice of the DPS pie.
Added to the Guardian:
  • The Guardian’s threat generation skills have been increased (Bash, Engage, Fray the Edge, Shield-blow, Improved Shield-blow, Shield-swipe, Shield-taunt, Sweeping Cut, Vexing Blow)
  • Increased threat generation with Litany of Defiance.
  • Guardian's Threat will no longer cause a 5 second delay where the Guardian cannot use skills or attack.
Removed from the Guardian:
  • The Guardian has had a sweeping pass to the balance of his threat skills and shield damage skills.
  • Base Shield Damage Increased 10% from 50-60
  • Base Threat increased from 50-60
  • Shield of Fire Trait gains additional bonus +1 Shield Taunt Targets
  • Shield Damage Legacy progression change to have max at rank 9 be 21% on a level 60 Epic Belt and cost slightly less
  • Litany of Defiance base targets increased to 5
  • Litany Legendary Trait gains additional +5 Litany of Defiance targets
  • Whirling Retaliation Skill gains a Numeric Threat Transfer ability
  • Litany of Challenge Trait +2 Challenge Targets
  • Litany of Challenge Trait Challenge generates additional Threat
  • Evade 3 & Evade 4 Passives now available for Guardians
  • Defender of the Free Trait Set: 3 Additional Bonus +2 Shield Taunt Targets
  • Bug Fix for Shield of Fire which was only providing a 7.5% boost to threat previously
  • Increased the threat generated by the shield response line of skills
  • Threatening Presence now applies to all skills that generate threat. This includes melee attack skills that do not normally generate additional threat.
  • Legacy Stagger Movement Speed Debuff now properly changes the Stagger skill tooltip when this legacy is active.
  • Legacy Reactive Block Damage now displays the increase as a percent on the legacy tooltip.
  • Legacy 'Targeted Melee Range' tooltip has been updated to reflect that this legacy does not affect AoE & Auto-attack.
  • Stoic trait description now states that it also increases Acid and Lightning resists.
  • Threat Rating Up' legacy has had its tooltip updated to state 'Skills Threat Rating Up' as this legacy does not benefit auto-attacks.
  • Guardian's threat generation skills have been increased.
Added to the Minstrel:
  • The Mentor Cooldown legacy has been removed from legendary class items.
Added to the Captain:
  • Power Recovery from the Blade of Elendil/Improved Defensive Strike has been reduced. The Threat generated by Threatening Shout has been increased.
  • Changed the tooltip on the Thrill-seeker's Gloves to read "-50% Search Speed." The previous tooltip indicated that the gloves would actually increase search speed, which was incorrect.
Added to Traits/Titles/Deeds:
  • All quests that were ticking up the Ered Luin quest deed in the new tutorial have been fixed to no longer advance the deed.
  • Trout Master can now be advanced while in a raid
  • We have had a long discussion about genealogy with the Uruks and explained to them that they are orcs. After some roaring and a few lost heads they relented and Uruks will now count for killing Orc-Kind in the accomplishment "Soldiers of the Enemy"
Added to User Interface:
  • Only usable legendary items will appear in the list of slottable items when slotting items from the Legendary Items panel.
  • LI Titles will now appear correctly on your weapons.
  • Additional fixes to Quest Guide markers for Epic Volumes I and II.
  • More UIs can be skinned, and several fixes have been made.
Added to Chat/Social/Kinships
  • Item chat links for Item Advancement items will now display the item's original name, not the custom name on it. The tooltip for the item link will still contain the player-chosen name however. This will prevent some of the more… “creative” names being linked on the chat channels (we saw you, owner of [Biggus Stickus]!
Added to General Raids and Instances
  • We have made all instance Boss monsters immune to slowing effects.
Added to Dark Delvings
  • The monsters have learned and they now come prepared!
Added to Tailoring
  • New Supreme Burglar's signal recipes can now be found in treasure.
Added to the Metalsmith
  • Reward recipes for Warden shields have been added to the Metalsmith's Guild reward vendor.
Added to Woodworking:
  • The Woodworker's Guild Reward Vendor now sells the recipe for Crafted Burglar's Club of the Third Age.
Added to Items
  • Strong traps will now be affected properly by root curing potions and diminishing returns in PvMP. The Reaver's Charge skills will also now block the root from the trap correctly.
Added to Graphics/Animation/FX
  • Dwarf neck on robe was mapped incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the interaction between emotes /Smoke1 and /Liedown. Because smoking is bad. Especially in bed.
Added to the Epic Story
  • Volume I Book 15 Chapter 12 - a quest ring will now appear above the NPC that will teleport you out of the instance.