Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hello again. Before you get excited about this (like there are any out there that were actually waiting :D), this is basically a continuation of my previous status. The event that happened about a month ago, and the subsequent chaos that ensued has finally started to die down, but as a result of that my interests have shifted. I haven't touched LotRO since it happened, and I see no end to that streak any time in the near future. It's probably a result of what happened.

If you're interested, and since I think you deserve at least a small explanation, here it is in so many words. I was very close friends with an elder cousin of mine, she was about 2 years older than I am but we were really tight. She was one of the smartest people I knew, she had just finished her sophomore year in college going for a mathematics degree. While at one of the end of the year parties her friends was hosting, she had too much to drink. For reasons I can't fathom (and probably for no good reason at all, knowing what was in her system) she went driving by herself, and lost control of the car around a sharp turn, which was on the edge of a decent hill. She was killed in the crash. So don't drink and drive.

If it so happens that my interest in the game gets rekindled (and I hope it does, I had a great time) I'll start blogging on here again. Of course, I can't blog about a game that I'm not playing, so it wouldn't be very fair to you all (that is, all 5 of you) to say I'd be coming back with a vengeance. If I were to start right now, I would be forcing myself, and that's no way to play a game. And because of that, the blogging would suffer as well (I'd be forcing the blogging too).

So, as of now, peace out. Have fun in Middle Earth, and I sincerely hope that I'll see you back there someday.