Monday, March 30, 2009

Comment Spamming

Hey guys, a quick update about something that's been happening recently. Every once in a while there's a user that spams this blog with comments about a website for cheats and I'm pretty sure gold for cash (I can't be sure I've never read the thing he spams about very carefully before deleting it). Anyway for the time being I'm going to have to pre-approve every comment that's left on here before it goes on until I can find a better fix for the problem (if there is one). Sorry for the inconvenience, but you should blame this on the jerk who's spamming my blog (and from what I can gather I'm not the only one).

I'll check often and you shouldn't have to wait long before you see your comment on here. I may just politely ask the guy to stop spamming me, who knows...he might have a human side.


  1. Thats ok... just keep feeding us information!


  2. Nothing new, I'm afraid... Most of us have had the same problem for a couple of weeks now, and have had to switch to moderated comments. As for the spammer being human, I wouldn't count on it; the s.o.b. is working for a gold-spamming sweatshop somewhere exotic. You can tell by the illiteracy of the text and the many different site addresses. Something we have to live with, alas, much like the common cold virus.

  3. Sadly, my experience has been that you're just going to get spam comments from time to time. I don't think it's the same spammer - my blog covers multiple games and the spam of the week is usually relevant to the game I'm posting about.

    Honestly, I'd rather delete the spam comments (again, I get something like one per week) than lock down anonymous commenting (which would kick off several of my regular readers) or moderate everything. It's not as prevalent as you might think because URL's in blogspot comments don't count to Google page rank.

    My favorite spammer was still the guy who posted about some sort of personal calendar scheduling software. It was a post about setting priorities, but I can't imagine that he would have gotten many sales if I hadn't deleted his comment.

  4. It's a bummer. I've had comment moderation on for a few weeks now because of the problem. I don't think people mind too much. I think the best thing to do to stop the spammers is to report the blogger to Blogger.

  5. If I knew how to report a blogger (or better yet just block the account from commenting), I would do it.

  6. Go to your dashboard, click help on the very top of the screen, then click Help Center, then click Report Abuse, then click How Can I Report Spam Blogs, then click Click Here. Rather complicated. Not sure if there is a faster way to find that page, but that's how I got there. Hope that helps.

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