Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Book 7 Overview

Having just completed the epic storyline for Book 7, I have to say that the long wait we all endured was well worth it. Lothlórien looks amazing, and the storyline is well thought out and well executed. To me it seemed a tad short (only one major instance, and it itself wasn't very long), but I've been talking about it with some people and this was a good opportunity for Turbine to give players who may not have completed some of the previous quests to get on board with the main story as we read it in the books. We can only hope Book 8 will be a little more involved. This was a minor thing, though. All in all, a very good job done by Turbine.

I haven't gotten into Caras Galadhon in open play yet, all of those screens were opportunistically taken during the instances where you meet Galadriel and Celeborn.


  1. Have to remember that it is a new on-ramp... deliberately easier for people who haven't done bk 2.1 => 2.6

  2. Yeah that's basically what we were talking about. I had a tiny bit of trouble with the last instance though, hunters got smacked down.

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