Friday, March 27, 2009

New Headset

I have a bad reputation with headphones and headsets. When I'm not breaking them, my sister is rolling over them with the office chair after she knocks them to the ground. The only pair I've been able to hold on to for an extended amount of time is a pair of very nice Sennheisers (luckily the most expensive ones seem to be the most durable).

For LotRO, I needed to get my hands on a new headset recently. For anyone who has had a headset then tried to go without it, you know what it can be like. Typing seems so out of date now. Anyway I'm reccomending a set that I recently picked up at RadioShack. They work extremely well, and I'd highly advise anyone looking for a set to pick these up. It's a Gigaware USB Headset, and it's the best one I've owned so far. Some people when they hear I'm using USB audio have questioned my sanity, but it hasn't been a problem for me at all. I plugged them into the front of my tower, and they worked right away. No drivers, and no manual installation of anything. It came with a Skype installation disk, but no need to use it if you're just using it for games. I'm sure Windows did something behind the scenes, but as far as I can tell when I opened up Ventrilo for the first time it was 100% operational. Even better, ingame chat was already set up for it as well. I was a little worried about that. One thing that I've also noticed is that when some people use the 3.5mm jack input headsets, there can be issues like echoes and stuff, but this has been almost flawless.

One minor note, when working in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, I can't hear audio. This is probably some small setting somewhere, but still kind of annoying.

Very inexpensive (as headsets go) and a great buy.


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