Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trouble Making Money?

Disclaimer: While I know this isn't ideal, this technique is only for Foresters since they're usually not the biggest money-makers, and being a Hunter certainly doesn't hurt.

Anyway, for a while I had a hard time keeping my pockets full with enough gold pieces to buy the stuff I wanted. Then I stumbled on a great technique for making cash. The whole yield is about 3 gold for every run, and the runs take about an hour (next time I do it I'll time myself so I can give a better estimate). Also, my main is a Hunter, so porting is a breeze. For other classes it might be more difficult.

First off, go to the bank and empty your bags of everything except essentials. For me it's my map home, my horse, and some traveling rations. 3 slots, that's it. Go to the Misty Mountains, and proceed as if you were going to Goblin-Town, but go slightly south of it (I have my map home set to the Cirith Daur camp at Vinderhal, which is that pass that goes through the mountain wall that seperates the east and west sections of the mountains). Here you'll find some ruins filled with wargs. Using the image at right as a reference until you memorize the route (not very hard), kill all the wargs you see and loot them. Every time you get back to where you started, the first ones will have respawned. For me, every time it's worked out perfectly that just about the time my bags are full I have just about 200 exceptional hides, maybe a bit over. Once your bags are filled, get back to Rivendell (or for you Hunters just port to somewhere with an Auction Hall and a workbench). Sell everything you looted except for the hides. Boil these (takes a while, grab a drink and go to YouTube for a few minutes). You'll have at least 2 stacks of Boiled Exceptional Hides, and if you're a Grand Master (which you will be pretty quickly if you use this technique enough)you can crit and get even more. Back to the bank, and store the leftovers, eventually you'll get enough to make another stack.

Sell the 2 stacks on the AH. Usually, I sell mine for 999s 99c each. If someone's offering a stack for less, I store the stacks in the bank and wait until there's none of them in the AH or they're all selling for more than that.

Usually I get sick of it after one run, so I never do more than 1 a day. You may have a higher/lower tolerance for monotony than I do. Some good ways to break it up is to listen to some music or an audio book (the unabridged Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are niiiiice). Pretty soon after you start your fingers go to autopilot, since you end up using the same skills over and over, so you don't have to worry about diverting attention to the music. Personally I have Scrubs episodes on my computer, I just watch them on the side.

To give you an idea, I currently have about 30g even after buying some nice jewelry (as in about 3g apiece) and repairs and all.

This is my technique, if you have one better stick to it, and better yet share it with everyone! If you feel so inclined, email me a description of it and I'll post it on here, giving you credit of course.

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