Sunday, March 22, 2009

LotRO Server Numbers!

Over at The Middle-Earth Adventurer (yes I read other's blogs as well :D), Jax has stumbled upon what appears to be a utility that tells how many people are logged on to each US Server. This is a first step in answering the long-debated question of how LotRO stacks up to other MMOs. You can find the counter here, and you can also check out the post, where you can see what Jaxom is planning to do with this new information (*sinister evil laugh).

Just a little note here, at any one time since I've found this (not very long ago), the number seems to be holding at about 300,000 players across all servers.


  1. One of the things I anticipate showing with my numbers experiment (starting tomorrow by the way) is that there are more people actively playing LOTRO than the previously suspected total subscription numbers, even by folks that aren't the naysayers. Indeed, I just looked at the total in game on all US servers and it's currently just above 350k.

  2. 300-350k is a very good number for US servers only. I'd expect around 200k for Europe and maybe 100-150k for the RotW.
    That's 600-700k for the world, which is an excellent number if true.

  3. I dont know what those numbers show but I seriously doubt that the lotro servers can handle +40000 concurrent users. Somewhere in the 3000-5000 range would seem more believable to me. Maybe the numbers show total characters on the servers?!

  4. Is the fabled Brandywine really that small compared to the other servers? That looks odd.

  5. Acho esses numeros se referem ao mundo todo
    desse jeito deve ter ja uns 1.9 milhao de usuarios.

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