Friday, March 6, 2009

A Personal Note

While I do try to keep things subjective around here, there are those occasional issues which pop up that I feel need some good commentary. One of these things is the community's reaction to the Book 7 patch notes. After they were released, there was a minor (or not so minor, depending on how you look at it) uproar in the forums. Complaints about DPS nerfing, certain Captain's skills getting a work-over, etc.

The thing most people forget is that patch notes never give the whole story. The only way to really know how an expansion is going to play out is by playing it. So far, only those on Elendilmir have really gotten this chance, and from what I've seen there is only praise coming from those people. All the negativism is coming from those who have read the notes and probably seen a few screenshots. Hardly the glowing epitome of experience are they.

That's all, just have a little faith that the developers who made such a great game aren't suddenly going to drop the ball now.

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